Legion Paris is the fusion of two unconventional women from two different universes. When saturation emerged, it was the sign that they needed to stray from their former careers. Determined to battle, they met at the famous and prestigious Ecole Boulle in 2015 and learn the art of fine jewelry making, both already strongly experienced in the field. The end of the year is a revelation, they will lead a daring fight to hatch the raw metal their singular inspirations.

Legion was born. Born out of a necessity to be close to tangible matter. Stemming from the ancestral knowledge of fine arts and craftmenship, they make the choice that every piece of jewelry will be made entirely by hand in their workshop, here, in Paris. Black and white precious metals like silver, white gold and platinum are quickly becoming the preferred materials for their graphic aura and timeless strength. Each piece of jewelry is singular by the hammer, file or saw hits that will give it life and lead to uniqueness.

The collections are most often inspired by the brutality of nature transcribed in a work around the metal texture and the transcendental beauty of natural stones. Concerned about their natural environment, the two designers use recycled metals and only work with suppliers who guarantee a true production ethic. The very long time they spend on their 19th century bench to make their jewelry guarantees a traditional quality that fits in time and eternity. Moreover, Legion Paris is always looking for perfection in the comfort of its jewelry. It is essential and primary that all pieces end up being an integral part of your body so that you wear them every day with happiness and pride.

Legion Paris body of work is also to transfer your vision from head to hands through custom pieces. That's why it was essential to quickly get closer to the customer with their own atelier-boutique in the 9th dictrict of Paris they opened in 2018. In a minimalist and brutalist style workshop, the two skilled craftswomen work with passion and precision to create pieces that have a « soul », as emotions are the ultimate luxury in a fully digitalized world.
Legion Paris re-establishes the timeless value of precious as things to be inherited, passing on stories and traditions from generation to generation. 


There are those turns that you take suddenly

There are those uprisings that you cannot repress

There are those fights that you lead against everything

There are those legions that move forward without turning back


We are two, we are Women

We take the road we know to be winding

It is time to unleash what has been sleeping within our souls

Twist and torment the iron with the facetious hand


Under the colorless mists of our tortured minds

Black is the oxidized silver, raw is the material

Dark is the harmony with strange upheavals

Scarred like the skin that comes back from war


Then deliver the reins to those who dance impassively

On the edges of the crimson black city

Forge together an invincible legion

To be stronger when comes the day of collapse